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Höganäs Bjuf began producing refractory bricks in 1825, almost at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Today the company has an extensive knowledge and experience in refractories, offering industrial customers a complete range of refractory products and turnkey solutions.

The industries Höganäs Bjuf serves include cement manufacturing and steel production, as well as a range of other applications that require refractories capable of withstanding high temperatures and highly corrosive or abrasive operating conditions.

The goal of Höganäs Bjuf is to give customers reliable and extensive service for the lowest refractory cost per ton of product produced.

On 1 September 2016 we opened a new, state-of-the-art refractory plant in Bjuv, Sweden. This plant will be used to manufacture the new generation of monolithic products featuring even better properties than the current ones.