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Research is the heart of our business

For close to 200 years, Höganäs Bjuf has pioneered the research and development of refractory materials. In order to be able to fulfill your current and future needs, we continuously develop new products and upgrade our existing solutions to incorporate new technical trends and safety requirements. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory at our production facility in Bjuv and our R&D team is composed of engineers and technicians with deep understanding of your operating practices. Using the latest technology and processing methods, they strive to develop the best materials for the most challenging applications. The latest addition to our extensive product portfolio is a new generation of monolithic products featuring even better properties than the current ones.

Comprehensive testing
All our materials are subjected to comprehensive testing using the most sophisticated equipment. Among the tests we perform are:

  • Bulk density and apparent porosity measures
  • Measurements of thermal conductivity to ensure our materials perform optimally in a given application
  • Refractoriness under Load (RUL) to identify deformation resistance under a defined load, temperature and time
  • Measurements of permeability to ascertain how well a refractory will stand up to slag, molten metal or gas penetration during service
  • Tests of abrasion resistance

Through continuous sampling of all incoming raw materials, we maintain strict control over the quality of the product entering the Höganäs Bjuf production system.