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Höganäs Bjuf inaugurates the world’s most modern plant for monolithic products

In 2015, Höganäs Bjuf took the strategic decision to develop a new generation of monolithic products with even better properties than those available on the market today. To ensure quality and safe deliveries, Höganäs Bjuf also decided to build the world’s most modern plant for the production of monolithic products in Bjuv,Sweden. The plant, which represents an investment of about 40 MSEK was inaugurated today.

The new factory has a floor area of approximately 1,000 m2 and is designed to produce 30,000 tonnes of monolithic products per year. High degree of automation and the latest mixing technology ensure high and consistent product quality. The factory is completely dust-free and designed with sustainability in mind.

The new Höganäs range of monolithic products has significantly better characteristics than current products on the market. A unique bonding technology makes it possible to both mix and dry them significantly faster than conventional monolithics, saving time and money for the customers. Four product families, plus the well-known Borgestad range, meet all relevant market requirements. An app for smartphones gives customers access to product data and installation instructions in a few clicks.

Höganäs Bjuf has been manufacturing refractory products for almost 200 years thereby gaining a technology leader position in the market. In recent years, the company has intensified and enhanced research and development by recruiting international expertise and building up one of Europe’s most modern laboratories for refractory products.

Along with the new factory and product range, these extensive investments are fully in line with the company’s commitment to offer customers a total solution, which in addition to a broad product range includes design, engineering, logistics, supervision and installation. 

For more information contact Egil Friestad, phone +46 705 746622 or at egil.friestad@hoganasbjuf.se


Höganäs Bjuf is part of Borgestad Industries, a leading global supplier of refractory solutions and products to customers in more than 70 countries. Operations are conducted through eight renowned brands: Höganäs Bjuf, Borgestad Fabrikker, J.H. Björklund, T Knutsson, GL Contracting, AG Port, Macon and Mektec.

Borgestad Industries has a turnover of about 700 MSEK and is part of Borgestad ASA listed on Olso Stock Exchange. Borgestad Industries operational headquarters are located in Bjuv, Sweden.


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