Spreading Knowledge

In order to further strengthen our offering for the cement industry, Höganäs Bjuf has formed the Technical Group Cement (TGC), an expert group responsible for technical development and support on a worldwide basis.

Technical expertise at your service

TGC is the link between our R&D department and our customers. It collects the requirements for each project and communicates them to our research engineers who then develop solutions that address your specific challenges.

TGC’s goals are to improve existing design solutions and installation procedures, monitor material performance, perform market research, provide training and ensure the highest level of service for our customers. To secure the quality of our products, TGC also performs trials simulating the customer environment.

TGC also follows all relevant market trends and participates in seminars and symposiums to gain and share knowledge about refractory solutions and to adapt our solutions to any new standards or regulations.

Customized Training

Refractory technology is changing rapidly. To help you understand the benefits of different refractory solutions, Höganäs Bjuf offers a wide range of training solutions that can be custom-designed for each customer and facility. We off er practical training on brick installation and correct mixing of castables as well as help with special lining situations.

For more information about TGC, contact Milan Maciga at +00420 602 681 686 or milan.maciga@hoganasbjuf.se.