Our Products and Services

Comprehensive product range

Each stage of the cement making process puts special demands on refractories. No single refractory, or even refractory type, suits all applications. That is why Höganäs Bjuf offers a complete range of refractory products, tailored to each step of your production.

Wide range of services

Höganäs Bjuf offers a combination of reliable, innovative products and a wide range of services ranging from concepts and design to maintenance and support. Our comprehensive solutions help you make optimal use of refractory products through the entire production process.

The Right Design

An efficient solution starts with selecting the right materials for your process. At Höganäs Bjuf, we understand your business and its everyday challenges. Our skilled engineers will help you analyse your needs and choose the best products and product combinations for your process conditions to optimize performance and installation costs. To further facilitate your choice, we provide detailed drawings, heat-transfer calculations and complete technical documentation.

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The Right Qualities

Each stage in the cement making process is different, putting different demands on the refractories lining it. That is why we offer a complete range of well- proven refractory products, specially tailored to each production step. Our product portfolio includes fire clay bricks, high-alumina bricks, magnesite bricks, monolithics and prefabricated shapes along with anchoring systems and accessories.

The Right Installation

Our highly qualified engineers are available worldwide to supervise your installation, minimize its time and cost and ensure the highest safety. We also supply a number of products specially developed to facilitate installation, such as FIREBOLT® prefabricated blocks and the Anchorex anchoring system. Our refractory products are delivered directly from our production units, following agreed schedules and with clear installation guidelines. A ready inventory of our standard product range means that shipment can generally be made on short notice. Below you will see our sister companies specialising on installation.

The Right Support

Our commitment does not end at delivery. We have the resources, know-how and products to answer your refractory needs, and we are committed to providing first-class service for both refractory and process problems. From the detailed pre-delivery consultation and installation follow-up that is part of our basic contract to complete Refractory Management, we can supply the level of service you require. Our experts and supervisors are always available to answer your questions.